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November 13 2023

Find out more about Bowerbird Owner and Director, Peggy Byrne in SA Life - Three Minutes With. Here's a sneak peek.

Business woman Peggy Byrne has worked on major events around the globe, including as a manager in Formula One racing. But it was Adelaide’s designer and maker market Bowerbird that ignited Peggy’s passion to help small-scale business owners realise their dreams of success.

Genevieve: Why was buying Bowerbird so important to you?

Peggy: I loved this event because as a visitor, it provided me with a wide range of beautifully crafted and considered products. No mass production, just unique pieces. As a business owner, I love Bowerbird because its core purpose is to support other small businesses. Decisions need to be made focussed on people, not profits. What would it mean to this business if I did this, how would I affect their life? It’s very personal and that is what I was looking for when buying a business. Of course, this puts a lot of pressure on me to succeed, grow attendance etc. But supporting others to grow is a great goal to have every morning when I wake up.

Genevieve: Do you think people generally are beginning to appreciate creative bespoke products as opposed to mass produced items?

Peggy: I am a great believer in value. Because value is not just about the price of something, it encompasses what you gain out of the transaction. At Bowerbird, when you purchase a mug or candle or handbag, the money you exchange with the maker goes directly to the maker. There is no distributor, marketing agent or any other third party that gets a cut. You are literally putting food on someone’s table. But on top of that, because you are buying direct from the designer, you can discover so much about the product you purchase. How did they make it? What inspired them to design it? That mug becomes a keepsake, a cherished item, a unique gift. To me that means my money is worth more, that transaction has more value.

Genevieve: Can you tell us about the range of designers and makers for 2023?

Peggy: Our line-up for November is fabulous. A good blend of returning favourites and new designers. We also have a large number of producers for this event which is exciting. I think there is something for everyone and it certainly will be a great place to start stocking up for Christmas. We’ll be bringing back the mobile drinks trolley of course. I love seeing people wander through the stalls with a glass in hand, having a great time chatting to designers and just relaxing. Where else can you chat, shop and sip?

Excerpt from SA Life November 2023 article Three Minutes With written by Genevieve Meegan

For the full article, pick up a copy of the November issue of SA Life. You’ll also read about talented Rebecca Trevitt of Ponder Posy and her beautiful floral creations. Get inspired and join one of her Christmas wreath workshops held at Bowerbird throughout the weekend!

We would like to thank the team at SA Life for their ongoing support of Bowerbird.

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17–19 November 2023, Adelaide Showground
Friday 4pm-9pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm