Donkey On The Edge
From the Let Them Eat and Juice Junkies team - Donkey On The Edge know coffee. With years of experience they strive to serve delicious coffee just how you like it.
Four Seeds Brownies
Four Seeds creates delicious chocolate brownies, crunchy on the outside and delectably chewy in the middle. All baked from scratch in the Summertown kitchen - the range is gluten free with vegan options available.
Gang Gang
Gang Gang is the spot for mouth watering, flavourful burgers. From their signature 'Cardi B' chicken burger to the 'Kiki' vegan cheeseburger - there's something for everyone.
Juice Junkies
Juice Junkies make fresh juices and smoothies. Enjoy classic delicious combinations using the freshest produce - there's something to quench every thirst.
Let Them Eat
Let Them Eat specialises in creating tasty, healthy, comforting vegetarian and vegan food for busy people. It’s the kind of food you’d cook at home – if you only had the time.
Mời Ăn Viet Street Food Co
Mời Ăn is a Vietnamese phrase meaning "please eat". That's what they are all about - bringing you dishes made with love.
Real Falafel
Experience the magic of real falafel! 100% SA made falafels, hummus, pita pockets, and the best house made pickles you've ever tried. Vegan and gluten free dishes available.
Sassi Ice Cream
Sassi Ice Cream lovingly create traditional Middle Eastern family recipes - creating new and aromatic ice creams with notes of floral essences, roasted nuts and exotic spices.