Exploring the Craft - Artisans
October 26 2022

Curating the Bowerbird lineup and working closely with our designers and makers is what I enjoy the most about owning Bowerbird.

I have heard many stories about how makers came to their craft, why they do what they do, and who they are inspired by. These stories drive me to support small creative businesses in any way possible.

I wanted a way to share these stories with you so you can appreciate the dedication and passion that goes into everything you see at Bowerbird. I am proud to present the first video in our Exploring the Craft series, focusing on the work of artisans.

We spent a day filming Matt Sarre, Richard Cooper and Emma Klau in their studios, watching their process and seeing the magic happen in front of our eyes! It was beautiful, and we are already working on the next episode!

I hope you enjoy the first in our series, Exploring the Craft – Artisans.

Peggy Byrne
Director, Bowerbird