Exclusive to Bowerbird!
October 24 2023

Discover a fantastic lineup of designers, makers and producers from across the country, some of which you wont see anywhere else!

Scented with simplicity

Wilde Aroma’s creations have an elegant simplicity to them. Handmade from ethically sourced raw ingredients which are then transformed into amazingly effective products for the skin and beautiful scented rituals for you and your home.

A driving passion

Founded on a profound passion for classic cars,  Artomobile‘s original illustrations beautifully captures the aesthetics of automobiles, appealing not only to car enthusiasts but anyone who appreciates the allure of these timeless vehicles. 

Luxury with a conscience

Discover timeless elegance with a touch of modern sustainability with Madbagss. Each handbag is meticulously handcrafted, seamlessly blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design.

A new take on vintage fabrics

PenelopeRED designs focus on amazing prints, bold colours, good quality textiles and a fantastic fit. All designs are handmade and many feature vintage finds, which are complimented with the latest fashion fabrics. 

Art you can wear

Driving the designer, Maria is a strong purpose to celebrate the diverse beauty of each woman through the meticulous creation of every filigree piece. Putting together high quality silver threads, using age old methods, Agmia Jewellery creates wearable pieces of art.

Inspirational homewares

Anna Cherkasova‘s pottery showcases a harmonious blend of functionality and artistic expression. Her work reflects her fascination with concepts of origin, belonging, nature, and the environment, both in a literal and metaphorical sense.

17-19 November 2023, Adelaide Showground
Friday 4pm-9pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm