Wild Bare

Body & Health
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A sanctuary for the senses and nourishment for the mind, body and soul”. Founded by two nature lovers, a pharmacist and an artist, Laura and Faran.

Wild Bare integrates science and art creating luxurious products of quality, efficacy and beauty with pure and organic ingredients, with sustainability as our focus. An exquisite range of diffuser blends, skin and haircare proudly made in Australia. Wild Bare inspires us to embrace our inner bliss and to live intentionally.

Wild represents the untamed and unbridled energy of nature, the raw power that courses through every living thing. It reminds us of our primal connection to the earth and to live authentically.

Bare, speaks to the simplicity and purity of nature, the essential truth that lies at the heart of all things. It represents the stripping away of the layers that we accumulate in our daily lives. Discover the beauty in simplicity and relish in the wisdom and healing of nature’s offerings of liquified love.