Threefold Designs

Clothing & Textiles

Threefold Designs’ mission is to elevate your wardrobe and home with sophisticated handwoven accessories and homewares.

Handwoven by Michelle here in Adelaide, each scarf takes between four to six hours to create, combining traditional weaving techniques with vintage patterns and a modern colour palette to create sophisticated statement pieces that work with every outfit.

Made with pure cotton, the scarves add a layer of warmth in winter, but are light enough to wear all year round.

Threefold Designs scrunchies are made with 100% handwoven cotton fabric and durable elastic. If you ever wondered whether there was such thing as a sophisticated scrunchie ... look no further!

This year, gender-neutral soy candles have been added to the range - these are handmade by Michelle, and include her artwork as part of the design. In line with Threefold Designs' ethos, these candles are unique and original.