The Dandy Tea Co.

Pantry & Bar

The Dandy Tea Co. was founded in 2013 by Mandy de Rose. Renmark born and now based in the Fleurieu Peninsula she has spent her life surrounded by local produce and growers.

This is evident in The Dandy Tea Co.'s specialised seasonal fruit & herbal tisanes. Showcasing creativity, ethical practice and a sense of community achieved by working closely with local growers, they create the freshest, seasonal fruit & herbal blends on the market. Choosing to buy fresh as often as possible and direct from the farmer, ingredients are hand blended in small batches to ensure the finest quality. This all happens at de Rose Kitchen - The Dandy Tea Co's sister business in Willunga, where you can sit and enjoy a cuppa.

The Dandy Tea Co., also have an extensive range of traditional teas that are all certified organic and sourced from the best tea growing regions of the world. This ensures that they choose the highest quality tea in respect to the seasonal nature and drying method of the leaves.