Rainbeau Rose Jewellery


Rainbeau Rose jewellery was sparked into existence when two twin flames Natasha and Beau united on their journey together and found they both shared a passion for artistic creation, fine jewellery and precious gems. Based in Adelaide South Australia, Rainbeau Rose Jewellery creates unique fine-jewellery pieces, incorporating a wide array of beautiful natural gemstones set in sustainably sourced precious metals.

Utilizing various traditional and modern jewellery making and stone setting techniques, Rainbeau Rose Jewellery is passionate about designing and creating authentic pieces of beauty with purpose, power, and significance. Collectors and admirers of Rainbeau Rose Jewellery can feel empowered and confident with jewellery designed around beauty, love, protection, abundance and universal connection to source, harnessing the energy and intention put into each piece through the combined dynamics of the divine feminine and masculine duality.