Sarah Shanahan’s Bowerbird Picks

Lifestyle influencer, professional shopper (we LOVE Shop with Sarah Tours) and super declutterer, Sarah Shanahan, shares her favourite Bowerbird finds.


These South Australian made candles are my absolute favourite, each different scent is dedicated to a particular area of South Australia and of course, Yorkes is my favourite!

My Vintage Earth

Concrete planters are the perfect Christmas present for the person who has everything because you can’t really have enough indoor greenery in your home!

Lisa Peri Ceramics

These ceramic pieces are so earthy and comforting, I’m becoming a little addicted! There is something so comforting about eating and drinking out of a handmade vessel.

Rhi Creative

I love being organised with my stationery and have a box or two of Rhi Creative’s ready for any occasion, they are so unique and made from recycled paper with Rhi’s gorgeous modern designs. So fun.

Namoi Designs

Always a favourite for some classic basics in my wardrobe, and super comfy which is a must for me!

Stephanie James-Manttan

For the person who has everything and has beautiful taste, a piece from Stephanie’s range will make you very popular! Adore the exquisite designs and I dream of a shelf with 3 beautiful white vessels sitting there proudly!


I can’t live without my phone and I love good design so this charger is a yes from me. Straight to the top of my Christmas Wishlist! 

Posted on October 22, 2017 in Bowerbird, Fashion, Homewares, Stallholders

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