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Adelaide’s Nadine Shuma is the founder of Nzuri Organics, boutique hand-crafted body care products made with certified organic raw materials.

Your heritage is Tanzanian-Australian, what did your Tanzanian background teach you about the importance of good skincare?

From an early age my mother stressed the importance of moisturising daily for healthy looking skin. As I grew older I also appreciated the calming effect of this daily ritual amidst the stresses of a busy life.

Mum was also very conscious of using organic products long before it became fashionable and passed that mindfulness on to me.

Long before you started Nzuri Organics, you were already creating body care products for your own use. What was your inspiration, and what were you looking for that you couldn’t buy in Australia?

Initially I was motivated by the high cost of store bought organic skincare. I didn’t understand why a tiny jar of face cream would cost $50, and I knew that some of the ingredients were not that beneficial. I figured – “How hard can it be to make something better myself?”

Well I soon found out it wasn’t that easy! I started experimenting and did lots and lots of research and during that process I discovered how very much I enjoyed the actual process of making my own products and not just the end result. It then became a hobby for me for over 10 years and a great stress reliever from my full time job in the corporate world.

How did this little side project grow into Nzuri Organics, and what was the first product that you made commercially available?

Over the years I was gifting my skin care products to family and friends. They absolutely loved it and raved about what a difference my products were making to their skin and more importantly their wellbeing.

I was constantly encouraged to pursue Nzuri Organics as a business so that I could share my products with a wider audience. In mid-2014 I decided to take the plunge and pursue it full time and started my small business.

My first product was the Rescue+ Face Balm and it’s still my all-time favourite product. I don’t leave home without it!

Over time your product range has grown to include specialist products for the face, body and feet, as well as kids body care. How has new research into organic produce informed you in this journey, and what keeps guiding principles from the early days have you hung on to?

I have used the same basic organic raw materials in my products for the last 10+ years, which are the same ingredients my mum used before me. New research into organic produce has just highlighted even more benefits of the ingredients I already used.

Every product I develop has always been in response to requests from friends, family and customers, to resolve a particular issue or fill a gap.

For instance the Raw Energy Foot Butter was developed in response to a friend who was always having problems with dry cracked heels. The products she had used in the past were only offering very temporary relief. She fell in love with my foot butter and has never looked back.

Similarly the Moisture+ Face Cream was developed due to numerous requests for a lighter product than the Rescue+ Face Balm, that could be worn under make-up during the day and still keep your skin hydrated all day long.

As I don’t wear make-up I moisturise with my Rescue+ Face Balm day and night, but most of my friends do wear make-up and they were thrilled with the Moisture+ Face Cream as it ticked all the boxes and more. They now use the Moisture+ during the day and the Rescue+ at night and get the best of both worlds.

The Moisture+ Face Cream is also very popular with men as it softens their beards and is also fantastic after shaving for smooth hydrated skin. I would say 50% of my customers for both face products are men, which is quite thrilling.

This is your first time at Bowerbird. What will Nzuri Organics be showcasing?

Most of the range will be available and in particular I will try and have enough Moisture+ Face Cream & Rescue+ Face Balm for everyone. I can never seem to keep up with the demand for these two products.

I’m really looking forward to taking part in this beautiful event and sharing my products with my fellow South Australians.

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