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You might not know Miss Lyndal Jay by face, but you’ll certainly know her by her stellar DJ set and cool tunes at Bowerbird. We had a chat to Lyndal about her love of radio and music, what we can expect at November’s event and most importantly, what makes a great playlist.

What inspired you to start work as a DJ?

As a kid I was inspired by the romantic mystery of radio, and the small radio station at the end of my street had me asking so many questions about the industry. When I started as a trainee with Three D Radio I took to radio broadcasting like a duck to water. A very awkward duck but a happy one!

Three D has one of the largest collections of CD and vinyl in the southern hemisphere, there is some stuff in that library you cannot “Shazam”. In that environment you can’t help but dive in and absorb as much music as you can. What started as a girl who was obsessed with Beck and dabbled in soul music I was soon sinking my teeth into Ethio-Jazz, devouring Afro Funk and stuffing my purse with First-Wave-Ska breadsticks. After a few years of sitting cozy in my Sunday radio I got a call from a listener. A guy mentioned a new bar opening up and thought my tunes may complement the vibe. DJ-ing out in public and not in my ugg boots and night-before makeup had never occurred to me, so it took a very friendly stranger to coax me out and give it a whirl. I’ve never looked back.

Tell us about your work with Three D radio?

Three D Radio is a 100% volunteer-run community station, so it’s really a labor of love for everyone involved. The familiar voices you hear on the air may also be answering the phones, recording on-air promotions or handling the office administration. All hands on deck. Since I got involved about 10 years ago I’ve been presenting the Sunday morning program. It’s a hard slog sometimes, but the privilege of working with total creative freedom and with support from lovely listeners is a treat.

Top tips for a great playlist?

The music I play isn’t particularly commercial or universally known, but that doesn’t mean that the listeners should feel alienated. I like to tailor the tunes to the event, and a good rule of thumb is to keep the rhythm cheery and upbeat and make sure the tone is warm. If in doubt just throw on Carly Rae Jepsen’s E*MO*TION and you’re good to go.

What can we expect for the music at Bowerbird?

Keep an ear out for a bit of disco, Japanese funk music, pop and R&B you won’t hear on commercial radio (no hate) and always always always soul music.



Posted on October 14, 2017 in Bowerbird

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