Describe your work?

As a keen observer and an obsessive notebook carrier, the world around me is constantly recorded in pen and ink drawings. These hand-drawn elements are then combined with digital collage, fabric patterns and textured decorations.

The analogue practice of collaging combined with my digital approach brings a sense of nostalgia to my work. Favourite childhood knitted-sweaters are given new life, alongside patterned pooches and wedding doves featuring doilies my grandma stitched. Working with illustrations directly from my sketchbook, means the work is never sterile or forced, its beautiful just the way it is the first time around. I almost never labour over my work for too long when I’m creating it, the process is smooth and I don’t like to get too fussy or pedantic because it’s the wobbly crooked lines that to me are the most unique.


What’s the best thing about your job?

The best thing about my job is the day to day variation it offers me. My business comes in two parts: developing and distributing my product range and freelancing for an array of clients ranging from logo and branding packages to editorial illustrations for magazines. Add delivery of stock to local shops, press checks and client meetings in the mix, and no two weeks ever look the same! And I mustn’t forget, of course, being able to hang out 24/7 with my darling pooch, Otto!


What inspires you?

I am inspired by seemingly insignificant moments of beauty and humble moments that make you smile. My illustrations are feel-good, quirky and positive.

I’ve never designed with the thought of ‘will this sell’ or ‘what do my customers want to see’, I just draw the way I would if I were the only person ever to see my work, my brand just came so naturally to me which is why it is such a pleasure to work on now, I never forced it. I love to try new things, expanding onto tea-towels and tote bags was just so much fun, as a lover of stationary and illustration based homewares, I’m in heaven doing this kind of work.


Which other designers are you looking forward to seeing at Bowerbird?

Oh so many! A few that I am particularly looking forward to seeing are The Butcher Byrd, Dogboy Knives and Emma Young Glass.


What’s your favourite piece of your own work that will be available at Bowerbird?

I do have a greeting card and print design that still makes me smile as much as I did when I drew it. I was in Vietnam at the time in a little cafe and the words ‘eat your greens and live your dreams’ sprung to mind. I remember jotting them down in my travel journal. It was in 2015, Chinese Year of the Goat and I was in a group exhibition and I finally paired this quote with a happy little goat flying through the sky with a carrot in its mouth. People pick it up and laugh out loud, they buy it for their kids or vegan friends or to hang in the kitchen. It’s my favorite illustration because I get the most interactivity from my customers out of it.

Catch Pip Kruger at Bowerbird Design Market @ Adelaide Showgrounds, Nov 23 from 4pm until Nov 25.


Posted on November 9, 2018 in illustration/artworks

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