Loke Fong Koh, VIC

Loke is the brains behind Three1Design, an innovative brand famously known for their classy cable solutions; that is, keeping all those pesky tech cables organised and tangle free, whilst still looking good! Bowerbird had a chat to Loke about his journey, inspirations and popular Magnetic Cable Organiser range.

1. For those who don’t know, how would you describe your work?

I am an engineer/product designer. My work is to use my design skills and technical knowledge to improve the way that existing products work and look, or to design entirely new products.

2. How did your journey begin? Who or what inspired you to begin in your field?

I am the founder of Three1Design, established in 2014. MACO (Magnetic Cable Organiser) was brought to life with the help of 1,800 supporters on Kickstarter ( a crowd-funding platform). Prior to Kickstarter, I was working as a product design engineer at a design consultancy in Melbourne. After the success of the first campaign, I decided to pursue my dream full-time. Since then, MACO has seen their cable management system embraced and enjoyed by thousands of users around the world, and the MACO range can be found at quality design stores globally. Two years on, the company’s mission remains the same; crafting solutions to keep cables neatly organised and tangle-free.

3. What’s a typical day like for you?

Sometimes I work from home, sometimes I go to a shared office where is located about 30 mins away from home. The typical routine for the day – get a coffee (a must) in the morning with breakfast, then check the tasks for the day according to priority. Such as order fulfillment, manage inventory level, liaise with suppliers, checking emails, customer support, social media marketing, research and etc…

4. Which other designers are you looking forward to seeing at Bowerbird?

Emma Kate Co., Memobottle (both are our friends!) and Joeyjellybean.

5. What’s your favourite piece of your own work that will be available at Bowerbird?

MACO 2.0 and BIG MACO (our latest designed products).

6. What advice would you give other aspiring artists and designers?

Love what you do and work hard for it.

Posted on November 12, 2017 in Bowerbird, Design, Stallholders

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