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Meet The Maker // Kate Masters from Gather and Moss

Describe your work:

Organic, Australian-made kids’ pyjamas that celebrate our natural world.

What’s the best thing about your job?

It sounds self-centred, but I love that I get to do things my way. Most of my decisions would be considered by business minded people to be unwise. Choosing small production runs to minimise waste and excess. Choosing more expensive onshore manufacturing and locally knitted organic cotton because I believe in keeping things local. Sharing information about all of my costs and processes because I believe consumers deserve to know the story of their purchases. Even though none of these decisions make financial or ‘business sense’ I love that I can choose to do them anyway because I don’t answer to anyone else. I love that I’m free to try and fulfill this dream of a new business model that celebrates staying small and making it work for me!

Claim to fame?

I think there are two things that make me a bit different – transparency and my focus on our natural world. Most of the people who follow my journey and support me, know that I am very open about all of our processes. I write blog posts that break down the costs of producing our PJs and explain all of my business decisions. I think people appreciate this openness and also love that they can ask anything they like about our PJs or our business and I am always happy to answer. Our philosophy of teaching kids about the natural world through their PJs is also our point of difference. Each season, we like to celebrate a different part of our environment – often one that is threatened or endangered. We create flash cards that go out with each set of PJs so that kids can learn even more about the world on their pyjamas and how they can help to conserve it.

What inspires you?

The colours, shapes and patterns of nature and the wonder that children see in the simplicity of our natural world. There are so many things that are threatening our environment today, and they are things which unfortunately we need to teach our children about. I like the idea of using something as simple as the prints on your children’s PJs, to start these conversations in a relaxed way. I want my kids to know that yes, we face lots of problems, but here is what we can do about them.

Which other designers are you looking forward to seeing at Bowerbird?

I always love seeing the amazing display of Upswitch – it brightens every market – and I’m all about the chai and sweets so Chai Addict and Fudge by Rich will be the first port of call!

What’s your favourite piece of your own work that will be available at Bowerbird?

Our new PJ collection ‘The Reef’. I can’t get enough of the beautiful print and colours – gliding turtles, seahorses, starfish and corals in my favourite dusky aquas, purples and sand.

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