Janice Inducil, VIC

Candles that give back

When Janice Inducil migrated to Australia she found herself constantly thinking about her home country, the Philippines, and the quality of life those living in the poorest provinces experience. Determined to assist in ending the painful cycle of poverty, discrimination and marginalisation caused by lack of education, Kandila Co was born.
‘I have been making candles on the side for friends for 3 years now- I thought it made sense that I start a candle company, but I wanted to align with my personal belief that everyone in the world should get access to education,’ says Janice.

Janice does this by giving half of her profits to education-based charities, currently working with the Australian Foundation for Fostering Learning in the Philippines.
‘Our first donation will be used to fund one of their key programs in Taloma District, Mindanao in the Southern Philippines,’ says Janice.
‘Moreover, we’ve been tirelessly growing brand awareness by signing up new stockists and attending markets, just to get the word out there about our little candle company and therefore growing our donation-counter every day!’

The candles themselves are made from natural, GMM-free soy wax, perfectly blended with Australian-made fragrance oil, using lead-free, natural fibre wicks. Each one is carefully hand-poured into hand-blown, reusable and food grade borosilicate glass or recyclable aluminium travel tins, prepared and packed by Janice at her studio in Melbourne.

‘We’re hoping that through Kandila Co we can support more children from marginalised backgrounds all over the globe,’ says Janice.

‘We’ve only just launched in March this year, but we’re already aiming to support more charities in the coming months.’

Find out more about Kandila Co: www.kandilacompany.com


Posted on October 29, 2017 in Bowerbird, Homewares, Stallholders

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