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5pm – 8.30pm           Kokedama (moss ball) assembly, Emma Sadie Thomson, EST
5pm – 8.30pm           Leather tassel and tag keyring, Beccy Bromilow, BB Shoemaker 


10am – 2pm               Flower Arranging, Rebecca Trivett, Ponder Posy 
10am – 1pm               Icing Gingerbread, Ann-Marie Steed, Steed Designs**
2.15pm – 5pm           Crocheted Granny Squares, Jane Greenhill
1.30pm – 5pm           Autumn-leaf crowns, Monica Prichard**


10am – 2.15pm         Plant based Chocolate Making, Shanti Wilby, From the Wild. 
10am – 1pm                Relief Printed Card Making, Lucy Trimbell, printmaker
2.45pm – 4.15pm     Flower Arranging, Rebecca Trivett, Ponder Posy 
1.30 – 4.30pm            Icing Gingerbread, Ann-Marie Steed, Steed Designs**


Sat, Sun + Sun            Card making station, Kids Area** 
Sat, Sun  + Sun           Masking tape and chalk wall collage, Kids Area**

Fri, Sat + Sun              Gift-wrapping supporting Sight for All

** denotes kids’ activity

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Leather tassel and tag keyring
3 x 1hr workshops @ $35
Friday: 5pm, 6.15pm, 7.30pm | Book a spot 

Join Beccy Bromilow from BB Shoemaker for a one hour workshop to learn how to make a personalised tassel and tag keyring.
Choose from a range of leathers and colours. Cut, glue, sew and personalise your tag with letter and number imprints.  Take home your own handmade keyring.

Kokedama (Moss Ball)
3 x 1hr workshops @ $45
Friday: 5pm, 6.15pm, 7.30pm | Book a spot

Join Emma Sadie Thompson from EST for a one hour workshop to learn the ancient Japanese art of Kokedama.
This hands-on workshop will take you through the technique of making a Kokedama. Choose from a range of plants and take your string garden home with you at the end of the class.
Emma Sadie Thomson specialises in plant styling for commercial, residential and hospitality projects, and connecting people with plants.  This is a fabulous gift for your mum or loved one.

Flower Arranging
3 x 1.5hr workshops @ $40
Saturday: 10.15, 12.15   +   Sunday: 2.45pm | Book a spot

Join Rebecca Trevitt, founder and owner of Ponder Posy , for a one and a half hour workshop to learn the art of floral arranging.
Rebecca will share her own style of self-taught floristry with Australian and locally grown flowers. The workshop will celebrate the joy of creativity and you can create with a purpose or simply make for your heart’s content.  You’ll leave with a medium sized, lush and detailed posy and the skills to make again.

Crocheted Granny Squares
2 x 1hr 15min workshops @ $30
Saturday 2.15, 3.45pm | Book a spot 

Join Jane Greenhill for a one hour and fifteen minute workshop to learn the traditional art of crochet.
Jane is a craftsperson with a particular interest in textiles and loves how the quiet rhythm of crochet contributes to calming the mind and body.
Have you always wanted to learn this skill, but never had time? Learn 3 crochet stitches and how to change colours, while creating your very own multicoloured granny square.
Included in your take-home kit: crochet hook, three small balls of 8 ply yarn (100% wool) and written instructions on how to construct a colourful granny square.
Suitable for adult beginners.  Why not bring along your mum or loved one? 

Plant Based Chocolate Making

3 x 1hr @ $30
Sunday 10.15, 11.45, 1.15pm | Book a spot

Join Shanti Wilby of From the Wild for a one hour workshop to learn hands-on plant based chocolate making!
After a demonstration on how to make your own handmade chocolate using pure whole food ingredients, each participant will be given a portion of handmade chocolate to make, decorate and package their own unique chocolate truffles using a variety of local ingredients provided!
**This event is vegan friendly, gluten free friendly and paleo friendly, however, it will incorporate nuts and seeds. This event is not suitable for anyone with nut or seed allergies. **
What a fabulous gift for your mum or loved one! 

Kids activities 

Create a Mothers Day card (set up for participation at any time), kids area

Contribute to amassing-tape wall collage, kids area

Icing Gingerbread ($5) – Ann-Marie Steed, Steed Designs
Create a hand-rolled icing design on a gingerbread biscuit 

Autumn Leaf Crowns (free) – Monica Prichard
Shape and decorate your own cardboard crown with coloured autumn leaves 

Relief printed card-making – Lucy Timbrell, printmaker
Using foam, create a relief print on paper to make into a gift card for Mum 


Have your gifts beautifully wrapped, for a gold coin donation per item. All proceeds going to Sight For All.
While Bowerbird is a sight to behold full of colour, light and beautiful things, we are aware that not everyone gets to enjoy the gift of good sight. Our chosen charity this event raises funds to deliver eye health care projects free of charge to partner countries and communities.


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