Furniture & Lighting

Ryo Kaneko designs and produces unique and high-quality furniture that combines Japanese and Australian traditions and design. Kumiko art is a mosaic art made of wood that uses delicate woodworking techniques to create geometric patterns. Sliding shoji doors and panels are not only furniture, but also art. Decorative lamps are small but attractive interior design items that change the atmosphere of a room.

The charm of Kumiko is not just in the finished product, but also in the pleasure derived from cutting and assembling the wood. Making Kumiko is addictive. Last year, Ryo developed the Kumiko4U Cutting System that anyone can use to create Kumiko Art. Kumiko4u's activities include the design and production of Kumiko products and workshops using this cutting system.
At the Bowerbird market, Kumiko4U will be selling Kumiko products - lamps, panels, and the Cutting System. Visitors will be able to see the cutting system and try it out for themselves.