Alba Elements


Alba Elements is a mix between nature, design, and art. Inspired by natural landscapes and all the elements found there, earth, water, air, wood, and minerals. In the perfect cycle of life fed by the sun which is the vital energy to thrive.

Alba Elements is born from the desire to reconnect people with mother earth, through decorative elements to re-green your space whatever it is, it adapts to all lifestyles and places.
It seeks to give a second chance to forgotten objects and reinvent them with the plants, their shapes, colours, and textures giving the foundation to turn them into unique works of art.

AE creates self-sustainable ecosystems, perfect environments in reduced sizes (terrariums), kokedamas, up cycled/re-purpose pots and green home decor. Based on sustainability, reusing, and e-greening spaces offering low maintenance alternatives to be more accessible to all people, and encourage them to be part of the plant world, to remind you that you are part of this Earth.