Really Useful Pots

Really Useful Pots is a small family run pottery business based in the Barossa Valley, South Australia. Susanna a self-taught potter orginally from Ireland, and her daughter Matilda experiment with different types of Australian clay and use various techniques such as throwing on a potter’s wheel, hand building and painting on greenware. They love to create pieces that are not only useful but catch the eye with their bright and colourful glazed pots and hand painted ceramic birds.

Susanna and Matilda draw inspiration from the beautiful landscape around them and the bird life that visit the local area. The range features ceramic birds that are native to Australia, made from earthenware clay. Each bird is individually made and hand painted. They then, with the help of Susanna’s husband weld metal stakes, swings, and wooden stands for the birds to perch on. They make life size geese, chicken and duck heads that are placed on a metal rods to sit in the garden. They also make homewares consisting of, cups, plates, bowls, platters, vases, soap dishes and lemon squeezers in stoneware clay using a variety of different glazes.